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Day Two of the New Year…

…found me adrift on a rickety raft of my own devising. How did I get here? Well, I decided to write a novel, so here I am smack in the middle of it. On days like today, the middle seems like an ocean dauntedly stretching to the horizon. I really need to start paddling.

So what is my plan to sort out my beleaguered situation?

Dialogue, lots and lots of dialogue. Nothing helps me get the story moving forward more than two characters to arguing with each other. The back and forth creates a new status quo with a winner or a loser, or it results in a stalemate, which is a new situation of sorts. It’s like a tennis match where quotation marks are being served and hyphenated interuptions fly fast and furious. Sometimes my characters motives change, sometimes they become more entrenched in their positions, and sometimes they decide to up the ante.

When you boil it down, especially in the rough draft where sections are loose and improvisational, you could infer that I like arguing with myself. I try to not think about what this may mean regarding my mental health.

I enjoy a good antogonist, not just a good villian. At current count, there are five characters at odds with my protagonist, foiling her plans at every opportunity and knocking her down when they can. Only two of these characters, however, would I call villians, whose dastardly deeds and mustache-twirling schemes could spell ruin (and death) for my protagonist. Antogonists are great for spicing up scenes though. They never give the protagonist what she wants and make for great banter opportunities.

Back to the dialogue!

“Wait, I thought we weren’t going to do that any more.”
“I didn’t say that.”
“But aren’t you worried what this says about your brain beans?”
“Brain beans? That’s gross.”
“Only if you’ve got ’em, and I’m not sure there’s much rattling around in there.”
“Look, let’s just get back to work. This novel isn’t going to write itself.”
“Whatever you say, crazy lady.”


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