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Book Review – Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson

Set in Boston 1765, D.B. Jackson brings a bit of American history to life as a backdrop for an exciting crime novel mixed with magic and fantasy. The setting is what makes Thieftaker so remarkable. From chasing thieves along the waterfront (small spoiler alert) to knocking back a beer with Samuel Adams, the adventure is a fun as the threats are serious.

The main character, Ethan Kaille, is a man of middle years with plenty of backstory lending heft to a good man living in rough times. His tarnished past has ruined his reputation and is ruining his future. Trying to make ends meet as a thieftaker, or bounty hunter, Ethan takes a job he knows will bring him nothing but trouble.

Surrounded by a unique cast of characters, he faces off against his nemesis, Sephira Price, a black widow of a woman who likes to let her cronies fists do the talking for her. As the murder investigation continues, Ethan discovers a villain much darker and nefarious than his nemesis could dream of becoming. He has to make a choice between leaving well enough alone or unraveling the mystery to its dark and deadly end.

Overall, a refreshing read with a unique setting and a man well-developed in his character. It’s his strength of character that keeps getting him into so much trouble!

Check out D.B. Jackson at for news about his following books in the series, Thieves’ Quary (2013), City of Shades (2014), and Dead Man’s Reach (2015).

Also, I met him at Dragon*Con this past year, and David is a pretty cool guy.


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