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It’s Nice Today

My brain got all cluttered up this morning with worries about work, writing, traffic, bills, not writing, groceries, more work, and life in general. I was plummeting into a death spiral, sure to ruin my day by lunchtime. But then, my iPod played this song in the car for me, and it really turned my morning around for me.

“It’s Nice to Be Alive” by Ball Park Music

Don’t stress, that’s dumb,
I’m here, and it’s nice to be alive.
Chill out, it’s alright,
Kiss me, it’s nice to be alive.

On the writing front, it was quiet yesterday. I didn’t hear much out of the creative right side of my brain. The little I did write felt more like stage directions than setting a scene amid the cobblestoned streets of Rivenloss. Enter main character, stage left. Enter clockwork horse, stage right. I threw up my hands in disgust, not something I let myself do often. Here’s hoping for a better day because, hey, it’s nice to be alive!


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