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The Guy Who Invented the Ship…

…also invented the shipwreck. – Seth Godin

The last couple of days have been challenging for me. I’ve been battling my inner critic. I love this quote from Seth Godin because you can interpret it a few different ways. At this moment, the quote is giving me hope that even if I create a total shipwreck, I also made a ship somewhere in the mess. I’m looking forward to my first big rewrite when I can try to find the seaworthy parts to craft into a shiny vessel. I do also enjoy the quote from the perspective that anything you create can have unexpected outcomes down the road.

To power through my writing time, I’ve been cranking up a lot of Two Steps from Hell. They’re one of my go-to artists when I need some dramatic atmosphere to get the creative juices bubbling. I thought I would share them with you today.

Small disclaimer: I have not actually watched the video, just listened to it, so I have no idea what the imagery is like.

One comment on “The Guy Who Invented the Ship…

  1. Lanceolot
    March 2, 2013

    First search I always do on Youtube – “epic music” I find music like the compilation of Two Steps from Hell above to be perfect for writing my fantasy. Doubt it going to work for a ‘shades of grey’ spin off, but I find it great for those heroic action scenes that leap from my fingertips – ok, maybe not leap, ooze…

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