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Book Review – Worlds Burn Through by Vicki Keiri

Awakening from a nightmare of a world on fire, Chloe Burke discovers she is not an ordinary teenager nor is the nightmare only in her imagination. Her life quickly changes, and Chloe finds herself on the run with Eliot Gray, a boy she does not know but who seems to know a lot about her. The action is non-stop, and the stakes are high for Chloe, her family, and the world they live in. If she cannot find a way to thwart an ancient enemy, everything Chloe loves will burn.

Vicki Keiri’s detailed characters are what make Worlds Burn Through such a riveting read. Even her secondary characters feel like people you know, and her main character Chloe is a fantastic heroine. Where so many teenage characters exist on the extremes of wimpiness and passiveness, or at the other extreme of improbable coolness in the face of Armageddon, Chloe reacts to her new situation in a way that is refreshing and believable.

Especially in books are marketed as young adult, I believe it is important to have characters with a hint of reality in them. What we read, along with what we watch, does color our perspectives, so we should uphold heroines who are either good role models or from whom we can learn.

For example, Twilight’s Bella is a wuss; we don’t want our next generation of women believing that her inaction would really achieve anything. The story just happens to her, and she’s just lucky that some guys thought she was cute. Another example is Scarlett O’Hara; she is not a good person, but the audience can learn a lot from her mistakes. Little Women is a classic young adult book I would recommend everyone read. The characters have their faults, but they also learn and grow and face their challenges. If you don’t believe that the characters we read become our heroes, just ask the guys reading comic books how many of them want to be Batman.

Back to Worlds Burn Through, the story roars from the beginning and doesn’t let off the gas. It moves very fast from scene to scene. My only wish would be to have more time with the characters, especially the secondary cast. The book is on the short side, which makes it a great weekend read.

Vicki Keiri has completed the second book in the series, Shadowed Ground, and is currently working on the final installment of her Chronicles of Nowhere trilogy. Forsaken Fire will be hitting shelves soon! You can keep up with Vicki Keiri on her website and through Curiosity Quills.


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