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Time Management and Writing

For many people, Monday is a holiday, a day off from work, a free day to do something you’ve been dreaming of doing. Choose wisely because it is the things we do, not the things we talk about doing, that define us. We all have obligations — work, family, social groups, and other commitments — but what makes the difference is what you do with your free time.

There is free time out there to be found.

I don’t care what anyone says, if you want to write, you can do it. All you need to do to become a writer is to write everyday. If I can do it, with a demanding job, an ever-changing toddler, a wonderful family to cook and clean for, friends to hang with, a blog to write, and everyday adventures to tackle, you can do it too. This isn’t bragging, I’m just pointing out that people with lives even busier than ours manage to get a heckuva lot done in 24 hours.

(I should mention here that I read an article about Gwen Stefani recently, and if she can be a rock goddess, mother, and entrepreneur who is way fit and fabulous, then I can get this book published.)

So about the book, I want to share more about The Dreamless City soon. I’ve been working on maps of Rivenloss this weekend, and I hope to have some details about my steampunk urban landscape to share with everyone. I’m getting goosebumps about how it is turning out. Even though I am organically creating pieces of the map, just letting the whimsy take me where it wills, it is filling in the city nicely. The first book will focus on a few districts of the expansive metropolis, including Hightown and the Cobble Court.

Also, I’m totally obsessed with A Silent Film’s “Love Takes a Wrecking Ball” today.


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Posting Schedule for 2014-15

Monday through Friday I will be posting about writing as business and craft, the science of creativity, all things steampunk, and progress on The Dreamless City.

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