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Book Review – Ever After by Kim Harrison

The Hollows is a magical place where witches, weres, vampires, and other Interlanders live shoulder-to-shoulder and humans fear to tread. Humans are afraid of tomatoes too, so good luck finding an Italian restaurant with a good marinara sauce. I have been in love with the Hollows since I read Dead Witch Walking many years ago. When the latest book in Kim Harrison’s series about Rachel Morgan, witch for hire, dropped on my Kindle this Tuesday, my writing took a backseat for a couple of days so I could indulge in reading Ever After.

If you read the first nine books in the series, which I highly recommend, then you will enjoy Ever After. Rachel Morgan is a wonderful character, filled with flaws and virtues, making many mistakes, and dealing with demons and ex-boyfriends with equal aplomb. The dialogue is witty, with lots of humor, snide remarks, and thinly veiled threats (Ivy’s having a tough time in this book).

There are some life-altering and life-ending events. I was a bit shocked by who is left standing at the end of the book. I don’t dare ruin it for anyone. This novel also has one of the biggest action scenes in the series to date. It was so epical and symbolically awesome. I think I read that scene three times before I could move on and finish the book. There was some buttkicking to the extreme!

(Also, there is a scene with Rachel, Trent, and Al that had me in tears it was so funny. Gosh, that scene was one of the best!)

I’m really a fan of these books, so this isn’t an unbiased review. I think it is the best urban fantasy series out there sporting vampires and weres. Sorry to Jim Butcher. Harry’s awesome, but I gotta stick with Rachel on this one.

Kim Harrison has said she will release three more books in the Rachel Morgan series. You can follow her on her blog for the latest in Hollows news as well as info about her other series of books.


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