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It’s Time to Begin

Rough draft zero is finished, mostly. I’m going to follow my own advice and not look at the manuscript for a few days, though it will be tough. I haven’t had to wonder what to do with my free time. It’s simple when I know I should get butt-in-chair and magic some words-on-page. Maybe I’ll jot down some of those other ideas I’ve been shooing away like gnats buzzing in my brain. I could get a head start on Book Two!

The title of the post (inspired by a certain song below) is about how it feels for me to be at this point. I feel like outlining this book over the summer, chugging through NaNoWriMo, and finishing up over the past month, everything has just been prologue. I’ve been keeping my cards close to the vest, just in case I change my mind.

It’s time for me to tell everyone what I have been working on in a little more detail. Originally, I said this project was a “YA steampunk urban fantasy about a girl and her imaginary horse in a city where nobody dreams. There’s romance and a love triangle, horse racing down cobblestone streets, tragic deaths, and grand betrayals.”

The Dreamless City a gigantic city. I doesn’t exactly cover the whole world, but spans for days of walking distance in each direction. Life outside the city is very dangerous.  Here’s a blurb that I wrote over a year ago when I was first brainstorming this idea:

The Glorious Realms of the Steam Meisters lies in ruins, their gear and mortar bones crumbling to dust. Their alchemical treasures fade to myth with the passage of time. Behemoths roam the wastelands, leviathans swim the seas, and drakes circle hungrily overhead.

In the middle of such desolation is one beacon of hope, the Dreamless City of Rivenloss. Settlements were fading lights on the horizon as folk fled the dangerous countryside for the safety of the seven-walled city. Contact with other cities was lost, and no one knows if cities besides Rivenloss remain. Only the most courageous stayed behind to guard the farms and fields. The inner city was quickly overwhelmed with refugees, so several walls were constructed in secession to protect the growing population. Ramshackle houses now tower seven and eight stories above the streets to shelter the descendants of those refugees.

Why is it called the Dreamless City? It may be the multitude of people who live there, never sleeping, bustling to and fro all hours of day and night. It may be the smokey gloom that hangs over the city from the chimneys of shoulder-to-shoulder row houses, the anvils of Grand Foundry, and the smokestacks of the Cogsworks. Or it may be the odd phenomena of dreamlessness that affects most cityfolk.

I can’t say too much about the grand betrayals and tragic deaths. That would ruin the point of the book. As for a bit about the main characters and the love triangle, look for more posts this week. Also, I am terribly in love with this song.

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