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A Tattered Line

I’d like to address this subject in two ways – first as how it applies to my writing, and also how it applies to awesome music.

I’m a plotter. I outline my stories like I’m going to rob a bank. There’s the main outline ready for execution, sometimes some continegency plans factored in as well. I set all of my mile markers in carbonite, not stone. (Hah, awesome geek reference!) If I’m changing the main components of my story after I start, I better have a damn good reason for myself.

Once I start writing though, nothing resembles chronological order. I wrote all of The Dreamless City out of sequence. I just picked scenes based on my mood – action scenes when I was hyped up on candy, reflective scenes at the end of the day when my energy was low, dialogue in the middle of the day when I was chatty, and romance scenes when I wanted a hug.

Since I had a happy outline to work from, I was able to assemble the story without waiting to get through the “next” scene. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but if you can hold the whole story in your head, it might be a good tool for you. So, the first tattered line is how I fill in the plotlines of my novel.

As promised, some awesome music, new-ish from The Postal Service. They worked on it when they put together the album years ago, but didn’t complete it until now. I am listening to it with the sentimentality of rose-tinted headphones, but music is about how it makes you feel, so I guess that’s okay.

Sorry so brief today. Tomorrow I hope to have another except from my novel ready for some perusal (and hopefully some more comments).


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