This Story Needs Your Help

But don’t worry, I’ll do most of the heavy lifting.  I want to write a short story in the next couple of weeks, and I want you… yes, you right there, stop looking down and fiddling with your phone like I can’t see you there… Ahem, as I was saying, I want you to help me with the story.  Don’t worry, you just have to click a few choices during the week to decide how the story progresses.  I’ll do the rest of the work.

Where Did I Get This Idea?

I loved reading the Choose Your Own Adventure stories when I was a kid.  It was so cool to be able to decide what the brave adventurer did next.  Writing a story gives me the same kind of control, but writing is a solitary activity.  I have been brainstorming writing activities that have collaborative input.  This is going to be our trial run together.  That’s where you come in… and don’t think about closing your browser like you didn’t read this…  I need your input for this project to succeed.

What Do You Have To Do?

Only three things… and don’t roll your eyes at me

  1. Swing by my blog every 48 hours.
  2. Read the piece of the story I have posted.
  3. Vote in the polls.

What Kind of Story Are Going to Write?

It’s going to be a steampunk adventure, so strap on your goggles and find your gyrospanners. Also, I added a page today for Rivenloss, the Dreamless City, if you want to read a bit about the world. It’s not required reading though.

Let’s meet our characters.  Guess what!  You can help me pick out names.
by Rebeca Saray

She’s a determined young engineer at the South Foundry, not far from the Cobblecourt District in Rivenloss, the Dreamless City.  Like many newly minted engineers, she’s assigned to the Foundry Maintenance Division.  Responsibilities include coglight replacement, cogsbot servicing, and substandard equipment systems repair.  Drudge work. She’s gunning for a promotion and doing everything she can to keep overbearing supervisor willing to sign her promotion papers. She’s not about to let anyone muck it up for her.
by Rebeca Saray

He’s an idealistic young scientist searching for the truth about the Steam Meisters. He believes the answer may lay in the Foundry Moths and their chrysalis, if he can ever get his hands on one. He’s stirring up a hornet’s nest of trouble and does not know it yet. The City Vigilance, police force of Rivenloss, is keeping a close eye on him at the behest of the Central Planning Committee, a murky bureaucratic entity pulling more strings than the Engineers Guild may realize. Let’s hope his inquisitive mind doesn’t lead him down a dangerous path.

From Pinterest - pls let me know if you recognize the artwork.
From Pinterest – pls let me know if you recognize the artwork.

He’s a surly engineering supervisor who seems surprisingly well connected, concidering his lackluster position at the South Foundry. If he gives an enterprising young engineer his stamp of approval, it can open doors to sweet opportunities at the District Cogsworks or the Machinery Annex. He is married, but his poor wife’s health is failing. He’s not a squeaky clean character, and has a dark and troubled past. The Central Planning Committee has dirt on him, and they will not hesitate to flex their muscles if they believe some closely held secrets are in danger of leaking into Rivenloss.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Check back on Friday (probably in the evening) to read the first part of our story, and you can decide what happens next. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, can you?

The next section of Life of a Foundry Moth can be found here.