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News from the Publishing Hinterlands

I wanted to share some publishing news I have run across in the last month, wrapping it up with a tidy bow in one place.  One of the hardest challenges for up-and-coming authors, of whom I hope to be one, is keeping up with all the changes that are taking place in the industry.

If you have read anything recently that you think other writers would be interested in reading, please share it and I can add it to the list. Thanks!

Publishing News

Hugh Howey Explains Everything – The author of the popular Wool series, Hugh Howey, shares how he and his editor negotiated with the Big Six legacy publishers to land a hardcopy book deal that lets him sleep at night.

Publishers Are Reshaping Themselves – Publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin reported that Hyperion plans to sell off its backlist in order to focus its attention on new titles it will develop in conjunction with its corporate cousins at Disney and ABC.

Ideas about the Future of Bookselling – A February post from Mike Shatzkin back in Feb that I also thought was worth sharing. It is possible that online bookselling could be more dispersed across the internet instead of concentrated with a few large vendors. Exciting news, huh?

Matt Hilton shares in a guest blog how the UK publishers left him hanging when the 8th book in his thriller series was released. You can also read a follow up post on Matt Hilton’s website.

This news is from January, but I wanted to share it again: Barnes & Noble to close one-third of stores in the next decade.

10 Winning Strategies for Your Self-Published Book – Robert Bidinotto, crime fiction author of the Hunter series, shared why aspiring authors should choose self-publishing.

And Some Following Up

And it a follow up to the Dare to Be Stupid post of mine earlier this week, I wanted to share this TED Talks video of Brene Brown, discussing the power of vulnerability.

11 comments on “News from the Publishing Hinterlands

  1. katemsparkes
    March 18, 2013

    Wow. Every time I read more articles/posts about indie/e-publishing, it sounds more tempting. I might have to do a post on that decision-making process just so I have somewhere to work it out in my own mind, and to see what other people’s thoughts are. Way too many factors for my little brain to balance if they’re not written out in front of me.

  2. beautycalyptique
    March 18, 2013

    great write-up! <3
    it's also quite enlightening (if frightening) to compare publishing industries by country. the differences are in details but the details matter.

    • tracycembor
      March 18, 2013

      Indeed, the devil is in the details. Just the war stories of what is happening to established authors is enough to make me want to go it alone.

      • beautycalyptique
        March 19, 2013

        absolutely. it’s a lot of work either way, so…

  3. jimtgammill
    March 18, 2013

    Thanks for the great links!
    It is unquestionable that the publishing environment is changing and also that it looks nothing like it did even ten years ago! Any aspiring author (which, I too hope to be) must do their homework if they want to ensure that they will have a place in the wild west of e-publishing.

    • tracycembor
      March 18, 2013

      I agree that we all have to do our homework, but if we share some of our findings with each other, it will help everyone. The great thing about books is that readers always want to read more, and they can even keep reading in the same genre. No one ever stopped at just one vampire novel, so there’s no reason we can’t all be on the same team. Plenty of space on the e-bookshelves for all of us. ;)

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  5. Jay Dee
    March 29, 2013

    Great links. I’m currently writing a book and a lot of this just makes me feel more motivated and encouraged. Thanks!

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