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Experimenting on My Three Year Old

What is the point of having children if you can’t have a little fun? Besides, if I didn’t give Sweetpea something to write about in her diary one day or talk about with her therapist, what kind of irresponsible parent would I be?

Sweetpea loves, loves, loves to sing and dance and often enjoys Youtube videos. Having a limited knowledge of popular culture, my husband and I were curious which Glove and Boots videos she would enjoy. Glove and Boots is a popular puppet web series, and I recommend checking out even if you don’t have children of your own to experiment on.

Here is Sweetpea’s selection of videos in order of her preferences:

Ode to Seuss – Predictably the video mostly likely for her to recognize the reference, even if she didn’t understand why Mario and Fafa we walking in the woods. This had her clapping her hands and giggling from start to finish.

All Together Now – Catchy tune with a clever hook involving numbers and colors. This one was also right in Sweetpea’s wheelhouse, and she liked the escalating silliness too.

Gorilla Gangnam Style – Sweetpea walked out of the room within thirty seconds of the video starting. While my husband was a bit disappointed, I have never been more proud of my little girl. (Okay, there’s some hyperbole there, but it was amazing how fast she went from having a great time to bored and walking away.)

DISCLAIMER: No children were actually harmed in the conducting of this experiment. Look, I know what you’re thinking, too many videos will rot the brain, but frankly, you can’t prove nuthin’!


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