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What Separates Us from Them?

“Us” being aspiring writers, “them” referencing the published and self-published authors. ;) I’m feeling like a novice hack sitting around in my bunny slippers all day. (Sweetpea’s preschool has enjoyed some of my wardrobe choices when I pick her up in the afternoon.)

Keeping myself company while home with Ace has been Brandon Sanderson. Well, not literally in my house, but rather on Youtube through a couple years worth of writing classes he taught at BYU.

Check out Write About Dragons on Youtube. There are 190 videos, most of which are Sanderson lecturing on the craft and business of writing. While he is pro-legacy publishing, he gives a fair treatment to self-publishing too and references other proponents of self-publishing such as Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler.

So what sets apart the aspiring, unwashed masses of writers from the ones who have “made it”? Sounds like it just comes down to lots of hard work. Isn’t that simple? :D Yet… working hard is… hard, and frankly, I have times that I don’t think I am made for this. Slogging away at the keyboard offends my delicate sensibilities, but if I don’t do it, the words won’t get on the page. Guess I need to put on my big girl panties.

I’m getting back to the grindstone now. Here’s wishing you a productive day too!


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