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Slow Motion

The editing of LIFE OF A FOUNDRY MOTH has been going as fast as molasses in winter. Even bribing myself with M&Ms for each page I tackle isn’t making much of a difference. I find myself hemming and hawing over each sentence, agonizing about word choice and readability. Argh!! Feels like I’m going in slow motion today.


il_570xN.267775704For some good news, I am participating in a Writing Process Blog Hop. You can check out my good friend MJ Pullen’s page where she tagged me and discussed her writing process. MJ has published three contemporary women’s fiction novels, which are refreshing and fun to read. She is a fellow Atlantian, an amazing mother of two energetic boys, and an all-around amazing gal. You should stop on by and check out her beautiful website too.

My writing process blog will be coming out next week. When I mentioned this to my friend and fellow Dragon*Con goer VLS Perry, she said that her current writing process is “procrastination.” Yeah… mine feels a bit like that too. ;)  (By the way, Dragon*Con is awesome; you should really stop on by Labor Day weekend if you’re in the Southeast.)


On that note, I also saw this interesting lifehack article on how to improve your writing by editing more effectively. I especially enjoyed this little gem: “Editing is where the real work of writing is at.” Preachin’ to the choir here! There are some good suggestions on how to edit better, which I’m pretty sure I need.

  • Read out loud.
  • Read in reverse.
  • Sleep on it.
  • Cut, don’t add.
  • Eliminate pretentious language.
  • Remove redundancies.
  • Kill unsightly adverbs.
  • Avoid passive sentences.


Aaaaand because we are moving in slow motion today, I thought you might enjoy this video. Kick back, relax, and get your mellow on.


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