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Shiny New Musical Toys

First, I want to give some shout outs today to my fellow Dragon*Con writers Doug Danridge and Barbara Evers. They have posted their Writing Process blogs this week, and I’m so glad they decided to participate. Doug has three different military SF projects he is currently writing. Barbara is working on The Watchers of Moniah, a fantasy series in the matriarchal kingdom of Moniah, where members of the royal family form telepathic bonds with giraffes.

Who doesn’t like shiny new toys, especially when you don’t have to pay for them?  And new music is something I always get excited about.  I don’t know why I like to hear music when it is fresh and young, before it becomes mainstream.  It’s so silly; the music is still just and good, and now more people know about it, but sometimes I want to horde all the precious songs like a greedy miser.  Meh.

Music is a huge part of my creative process, as I have said before, whether it is grooving in the car thinking up new ideas or playing the same songs over and over to catch a mood for a particular scene. Sometimes I obsess on a song for weeks at a time. With time being such a precious commodity, music shortcuts the time for me to get in “the writing zone.”

Amazon’s new Prime Music rollout has been eating into my writing time.  Yeah, I know, Amazon’s scary, but they have some fun, free songs, and if you have some fun, free time, head on over and check it out. Sorry if I’m a bit of a geek about this kind of stuff. I’m not sure if I like the interface, seems jumbled up at times, but I have discovered some new songs that deserved sharing.

And now back to the writing grindstone. I’m introducing some secondary characters in this DREAMLESS CITY scene with Nissa today, and I want to make sure I get the tone just right. Nothing says rich and privileged like alchemically colored hair and nails.

2 comments on “Shiny New Musical Toys

  1. vlsperry
    June 18, 2014

    The song “My Silver Lining” is such a good one for getting into the zone for writing a strong female protagonist: “The shackles I’ve made in an attempt to be free” and “I won’t take the easy road.” I normally listen to music without words while writing (or I find myself typing the lyrics), but this song would work for me just prior to BIC.


    • tracycembor
      June 19, 2014

      I understand about the lyrics sometimes getting in the way of the writing. Other times the lyrics ride to my rescue when I get stuck mid-paragraph. I know what I want to write next, but I just can’t draw the line from A to B. Glad you enjoyed it!

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