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Thinking with Scissors

Today, I wanted to respond to various and sundry pieces of the internet. Hope you don’t mind my piecemeal approach to this post (and I’ve always loved the word “sundry,” don’t you?).

Most Annoying Kinds of Writers

There’s a few things I live in fear of becoming, and being like the stereotypes on this list are some of them. Specifically, I don’t want to become “the writer who doesn’t write” or “the writer who loves to bemoan the difficulties of her craft.” I spend a lot of time trying to write and not being successful at it, either by giving away my writing time or by not being productive when I manage to sit down at the keyboard. On top of that I occasionally feel I spend more time blogging about my writing than I do actually working on my manuscript.

il_570xN.391486424_15gpWriters love to discuss the writing craft, and I am no exception. I enjoy learning how to improve my writing and sharing interesting links with my friends. Most of us don’t have the luxury of an academic setting in which to discuss storytelling, grammar, and the special sauce that makes stories pop. Again, my primary outlet for this is my blog, and often I feel that I have to tread a fine line when sharing my writing experiences. I want to be amusing or informative, certainly human in my shortcomings, but I worry about being whiny.

If this starts to happen, will some please tell me?

SFWA Politics and Drama

When and if I ever have sales that qualify me to be a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, I’m not sure I’m going to join. Frankly, the vitriol spouted about an open call regarding how to address the SWFA Policy on Self-Publishing is off-putting. It was literally a request for comments and feedback, and within a half dozen comments, the frustration and stronger emotions were palpable.

Hatandgoggles01Part of the trouble with SFWA’s image is that the larger group of us on the outside looking in don’t have the same context as the in-crowd. We only hear about the drama and controversy, never about how things have been made better for members because we aren’t members.

Doug Dandridge had some great thoughts about SFWA and political agendas. Sometimes I think the SFWA crew take the concept of freedom of speech to a new level.

A Little Bit of Fun

Tara Sparling has some amusing book title generators on her site. Here are mine; feel free to share some of yours.

il_570xN.273458540How Rainbows Can Steal (Your Smile) – Makes me think that a seemingly good thing turned out poorly for the chick lit heroine.
The Indubitable Eulogies of Quail Hollow – This has small town spirituality revealing larger truths about the world written all over it.
The Mortal Room – Ooo, so creepy! Obviously some death-dealing kinkery is going on behind closed doors.
Tracy Cembor: My Spirited Tempest – Indeed, I have a life story like none other!

2 comments on “Thinking with Scissors

  1. Przemek Kucia
    July 15, 2014

    Przemek Kucia: My fortunate era – I’d wish that book could be published.

    Writing about writing – meta-writing? Should you write about meta-writing? Hell yeah! Meta-squared-writing FTW!

  2. ericjbaker
    July 15, 2014

    I’m not a big fan of whining. A few months back I saw a comment on a writing blog that went something like, “I guess agents don’t think my writing is worthwhile, and I’m starting to agree.So much for my dream of being published.”

    Oh, for cryin’ out loud! The 10 people commenting above you and the 10 people commenting after you aren’t successful novelists either.We write because we have to. I’m on my third manuscript. You think I didn’t pour my heart and soul into the other two? I lived those flippin’ novels for months and months. Draft after draft after draft. I couldn’t find an agent either. Why? Well for one, they weren’t good enough. Two, they weren’t marketable enough, and three, 50 million other people also wrote novels that year and sent them to agents. It’s life. To be a successful novelist you need talent, determination, good timing, a marketable manuscript, luck, sweat, more luck, a thick skin, and still more luck. Emphasis on timing and luck. I am now hardish at work on my third novel despite the overwhelming likelihood it will not be published. The overwhelming likelihood is that every agent I query will pass on it. You know what I’m going to do after that? Write something else. That probably won’t get published either. But I’d rather die fighting than quit.

    Whew. I think I’m going to blog about this. To answer your question, yes, I will call you out of you become whiny.

    Unrelated confession: Until I read this post, I thought your name was Tracy C. Embor.

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