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And This Time I’m Serious

Like everyone else, I have weeks where I am engaged with my writing, where there is something that approximates a schedule and a sense of regularity…

And then there was today… (Sorry, I’m enjoying this dot thing)

il_570xN.415490564_jhk9It started at 1AM, then again at 4AM, when my son Ace woke up. I got him settled down, crawled back in bed, then my daughter Sweetpea tagged in to ensure I would be a zombie in the office. She’s sleeping in her big girl bed, and thinks that 5AM is a great time to start the day.

I convince her to stay in bed until 6AM and play with the new Rarity pony that Daddy got her when they were shopping this weekend. I curl up on a corner of her bed and desperately try to sleep, but only manage to give myself a sore neck from Sweetpea’s too thin pillow.

No need to describe getting everyone out the door for work and school. Let’s just call it organized chaos. On the way to Ace’s daycare, I fantasize about taking a nap in my car at lunch. One hour of no one waking up or crying or talking or wanting more juice. It will be heaven.

il_570xN.441538793_jksbAfter I ring the doorbell at the daycare for the third time, I remember that they are closed until noon today. Crap. I look down at Ace in his car seat. He gives me a big, gummy smile. I sigh and call my manager, who is super awesome and says I can work from home. I turn around and drive back to the house.

I have already done a 180 degree turn today, and it’s only 8AM…

This brings me to my point — you can’t predict what the day will bring. Write while you can. I normally write on my lunch hour, but I was going to give that up for the sake of my sanity. That didn’t even happen as I was dropping Ace off and driving to the office when I had planned to sleep.

I want to write more. I really want to get this novel finished. This time I’m serious.

Do you ever feel that way? Is the universe conspiring to stop you from realizing your dream too? How do you manage to get words on the page (or whatever else that’s important to you)?

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9 comments on “And This Time I’m Serious

  1. Matthew Wright
    July 21, 2014

    I find that everything stacks to frustrate writing projects. But the rewards when able to tackle them in the end are all the greater for it.

    • tracycembor
      July 22, 2014

      You are quite right. When I finally sat down at the end of the day and got some words on the page, I felt like a writing goddess. I showed that universe who’s the boss!

      To be fair, I was a bit of a grump yesterday. I’m preparing for my critique group tonight and am much more positive about my forward momentum. Thanks!

  2. vlsperry
    July 22, 2014

    I love the lists you tagged!

    • tracycembor
      July 22, 2014

      Glad you enjoyed them. I was really happy to see them in my reader. I love sharing great posts from other bloggers. :D

      Hope your writing is going well lately too. Have you been working on more short stories?

  3. ericjbaker
    July 22, 2014

    I think any not-established writer who doesn’t feel this pressure is not serious about writing. Unless she inherited millions from a long-lost rich uncle.

    • tracycembor
      July 22, 2014

      Isn’t that the fantasy for every writer? To be able to explore my craft at my leisure. To raise my art to the highest form and not dirty my hands with nasty thoughts about money and marketing. How crude!

      I try to not mope about, but I think the kids tag teaming me was the last straw. After a more restful night, I am in a much better frame of mind. Thanks for pointing out that I wouldn’t feel frustrated if I didn’t take this writing thing at least a little bit seriously.

  4. 52lettersinthealphabet
    July 22, 2014

    I’ve definitely experienced the universe-getting-in-the-way feeling. It’s different for me, because I’m still in high school, but those weeks where I have massive projects and extracurriculars on top are impossible. I let school take over, out of necessity, but I try to write on the weekends, when I have more time. Unfortunately, there are always times when I just can’t write. I just try to keep thinking about my manuscript, working on characterization and plot ideas in spare minutes, so that when I can write, I can jump right back in.

  5. L. Palmer
    July 22, 2014

    Sounds like an epic morning. Snags always come our way, but I’m glad you have the perseverance to overcome them.

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