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Under the Hallowed Tree

My short story UNDER THE HALLOWED TREE is up today over at Write Club, Fight Club. Please check it out and vote here.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I tried out a new genre and managed to write a short story that fits in 3500 words. A teenage girl is abandoned by her date when a dime-sized owl shows up in her eye. She is picked up by a tattooed man on a motorcycle and starts having strange visions involving the murder of a woman she resembles. Under the hallowed tree an interwoven story of love and revenge is revealed.

Hilltop Tree

Here are the rules for our bout:
1. Don’t talk about Write Club, Fight Club… kidding, just kidding.
2. The story must center around REVENGE.
3. The word “said” must never be used. (This one was tough!!)
4. Each story must start with “It began last Fall in the woods.”
5. Word count should be between 750 and 8000 words.

I am competing against D.A. Scott and his short story DOG FIGHTS. Please check it out and don’t forget to vote for one of us!

Pound for pound, D.A. Scott is fighter. He has had a passion for writing and storytelling from the earliest years of his life. He grew up watching movies like Willow and Labyrinth and devouring any book he could get his hands on. He has developed a particular passion for Fantasy and Science Fiction, but make no mistake, he’s willing to write down any story that comes to mind.

His love of storytelling has already led him to other walks of media. That’s right, he can go southpaw on you just as easily since his writing includes his own web series called Bar Flies, which he also directs. Writing, however, is D.A.’s first love and he always returns to it. He’s hungry for competition and looks forward to being pitted against and interacting with other authors in the Fight Club.

Head on over to Write Club, Fight Club, read our stories and vote for the story you enjoyed most!! Many thanks and enjoy!!

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  1. Jonas Lee
    October 1, 2014

    Under the Hallowed Tree was a great story! You added a lot of credibility to the Club by putting that out there. Well done!

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