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Sunscreen and a Status Update

Long time no talk, huh? Can’t believe how fast the end of the school year passed us by. Summer camp is in full swing now, and everyone in my house smells like sunscreen and bug repellant.

I should have updated my blog here sooner, but the weather has been so lovely and the deck just got a new coat of redwood stain. Sweetpea and Ace are so elated to play outside, and everyone sleeps better at night.

RS Girl 24

by Rebeca Saray

On the writing front, I have been busy, which has been a blast. Productivity is up, although not as high as I’d like it to be. If I didn’t have that job that pays the mortgage, I’d have so much more time for writing. xD So, what have I achieved in the last two months:

Number of short story submissions in April: 6

Number of short story submissions in May: 3

I am running out of markets to submit my current “completed” works, so I plan to edit two more of my stories. Hopefully I can “fix” them and add them to the rotation for June.

Number of novellas written: 1

And some super awesome news on this front. I have been accepted for an anthology project. I should have more details to share about this in the next couple of weeks. I’m very excited about this.

Second note about this, I’m also planning to release it as an ebook on Amazon. Watch for a cover reveal on this soon.

Short stories written: 1

It’s not ready, so I’m letting it marinate while I work on some other projects.

RS Girl 13

by Rebeca Saray

Outlines: 2

I might have already bought a couple more pre-made covers and have outlines for those stories. Once I wrap up the current novella, I’ll select a new victim, er, novella to start working on.

Novels: 0

I’m currently working with David Farland on a novel project. I have already learned so much from him. He is professional and knowledgeable, and I want to stress how generous he has been with his time and resources. It really is a joy to be studying with him and receiving feedback from him.

Education: Lots of it

I could probably do a whole post about the blogs, podcasts, webinars, and books I have been consuming. I can’t grow as a writer unless I learn, practice, get feedback, repeat.

Writing Groups: 2

I have two writing critique groups I am currently participating in. Both have been instrumental in making me accountable with deadlines and challenging me to become a better writer. I love you guys.

 I’m looking forward to an awesome and amazing June.  I’ll make sure everyone keeps wearing sunglasses and sunscreen so they aren’t blinded by the pace I want to reach… and maybe some pillows in case I slow down and want to take a nap. ;)  Happy writing!


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