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Gaslight Carnival

My book is now live on Amazon, please go check it out if you have a hankering for steampunk!
My book is now live on Amazon, please go check it out if you have a hankering for steampunk!

Margo Crestley is an alchemist mixing elixirs in the Dreamless City without a license. When the district crime lord threatens blackmail, Margo pins her hopes on someone she has not seen in four years — her twin brother Leonard.

Sold to the traveling Gaslight Carnival by the twins’ father, Leonard is treated like property. Margo scrimps and saves to buy his freedom, but the Ringmaster is unwilling to let him go. The young alchemist can only win her brother back if she participates in the capricious Ringmaster’s cruel games.

Time is running out. The crime lord’s threats are turning violent, and the Gaslight Carnival will soon be gone. The giant glowing balloons and striped carnival tents are set up for three days only before disappearing for another year along with the daredevil stunts, the freak show, and the rigged games of chance. Can Margo save her twin brother in time, or will she be left alone to face the crime lord herself?

Experiments & Enchantments

Eleven tales of intrigue and action, magic and engineering …

Enchantments&ExperimentsA young woman fights to free her brother, enslaved in a carnival where nothing is as it seems. A rebel super soldier must choose between her humanity and her freedom. Holed up in a remote bomb shelter in Georgia, a businessman faces the end of the United States. A Jump Mage, one of the order that binds humanity’s interstellar colonies together, makes a desperate choice…only to wind up with allies even more desperate than he is. A reluctant hero must come to terms with his own choices. In a factory that produces magical golems, a worker resorts to any means necessary to secure her freedom. From dragons to cyborgs, from the past to the far future, these stories and more come to life in this anthology!

Explore new worlds of magic and mystery…

Starship’s Mage by Glynn Stewart
Saira & the Magic Sword by Moira Katson
Twenty-Five Bombs Fell by A.K. Meek
Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun
The Dust Job by Aimee Kuzenski
Rebel Captive by S.K. Emory
The Redemption of Desmeres by Joseph Lallo
Memories Stirred by Colin Mobey
The Wanderer by Vincent Trigili
Voyage of the Orca by David Bruns
Gaslight Carnival by Tracy Cembor