Dreamless City Writing Excerpts

Here is the respository, the reliquarium if you will, of the excerpts from my steampunk urban fantasy novel The Dreamless City. It is my current work in progress, so a few things to note:

  • Everything is subject to change
  • Comments are welcomed
  • No horses were harmed in the writing of this book
  • Comments are welcomed, even encouraged
  • I get nervous about my work, just like everyone else
  • Comments are welcomed, whether begged, borrowed, or stolen

nissa design page 01Thief’s Wick

Nissa Rhodes did not like the look of the two lads hovering in the Golden Gadfly’s stable yard. Crouched in the shadows across the street, knees tucked under her chin, she was waiting for the stable hands to turn in for the night.   The Gadfly’s hayloft was snug and dry, and Nissa occasionally weathered bad nights among the scratchy bales…

BridlesBreaking Rules

The stables were quiet. All the horses were bedded down for the night. After dinner, Nissa was back in the tack room with Reynard, the head groom, companionably going about their separate chores.  Never mind it was because of Reynard’s stupid rules Nissa had broken that she was not warming her feet by the fire, fleecing schills off the other stable hands playing cards. The spoiled pony had eaten grass with its bridle on, junking up the bit with green slime and weeds. She’d been cleaning bridles for so many evenings that she’d given up being mad about it…

GlovesPocket Change

Nissa knocked on the oak-paneled door and waited, shifting from foot to foot. She did not hear anything. She wanted to get this over with and get back to the stables, even if it meant more of Reynard’s rules.  This sneakthief knew she did not belong abovestairs. Turning the knob, she opened the door and slipped inside.  She intended to put Daschel’s gloves on the carved mahogany dresser and leave, but once she was inside the bedroom, Nissa decided it would not hurt to take a look around and acquaint herself with her employer’s family…

9 replies to Dreamless City Writing Excerpts
  1. I find it is hard as heck to set set stories in alien worlds without confusing
    my readers – I love how you can mention things in passing without confusing
    your readers – or without confusing me – I’m starting to think I’m just hard to
    confuse . . .

    The idea of snooping around where your not supposed to be is universally
    interesting – I don’t care what book I’m reading – forbidden secrets pull me
    in! :D

    Have you ever published anything? There is a site called Mind Wings Audio
    That wants stories for one-hour Audio books – They recently accepted some
    of my work – their fantasy selection is low right now – only five or six titles –
    So they want fantasy pretty bad.

  2. I can wait for the start to the story, I love the choose your adventure books although I always choosed my death, hehehe.

    I just discovered steampunk, and I think is a great genre c.ause it has a lot of possibilities for a story, I hope it’s an action packed one!! ;)

    1. I meant, I can’t wait, hehehe, yeah English isn’t my first first language but I’ll blame this one on the Chinese keyboard i’m using .

  3. Any more installments on your story yet? I’ve been waiting but
    am growing restless. Where can I find the old posts by the way?
    Parts one two three and so on . . .

      1. Thanks – I’ll copy them for further reading.
        Good to see your still working, but it can be
        can be hard to find the time. I myself can
        work on an idea in my head while doing
        something else – but then I still can’t find
        the time to write it down! ‘~’ Good luck to

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