Life of a Foundry Moth

Since our short story collaboration project has been drawn out for a little while (my fault, not yours), I have put together a page where it is all in one place. I have included the original collaboration post, links to the three parts of the story we have completed, as well as some other posts where I discuss aspects of the story. I also have added a story summary at the bottom so we can refresh our minds about Tesla’s adventures in Life of a Foundry Month.

Posts Containing Story Elements:

This Story Needs Your Help – first round of voting (also was Freshly Pressed, which was super cool and awesome for me)
Life of a Foundry Moth – Short Story (Vote for Part Two)
Life of a Foundry Moth – Short Story (Vote for Part Three)
Life of a Foundry Moth – Short Story (Vote for Part Four)

Some Associated Foundry Moth Posts:

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Atlas Moth

Summary of the Story So Far

Tesla Spence, an aspiring engineer with dreams of working in R&D, drops her supper tin on Edgar Endicott, a young scientist trespassing and doing research on foundry moths. When she goes to check on him on the South Foundry scaffolding, a foundry moth is flushed out, and Edgar knocks Tesla off the ledge. He helps haul her up with the rope, then tries to kiss her like a hero. She punches him, then makes both of them return to ground level.

Supervisor Nielson is Edgar’s uncle, but even than doesn’t stop him from firing Tesla. She returns her gear, leaves the supper tin that started the mess, and goes to the municipal dormitory to pack up her personal things. Tesla has few friends in Cobblecourt, so she decides to return to her parents’ home in Brighthurst. After posting a message to her suitor Merrick, a City Vigilance officer, she walks to the Handsome Corby to drink away her sorrows.

After some drinks, she is approached by the CPC Vice-Chief, who has the ability to get Tesla her dream job and fix the career-ruining debacle with Edgar. The Vice-Chief is very interested in Edgar and quizzes her about whether or not he has a foundry moth chrysalis. More talkative than normal, Tesla tells him everything she knows. Satisfied, the Vice-Chief ominously offers her a ride home, but their departure is halted when Tesla’s father rescues her.

The Vice-Chief departs after his plan is foiled, and Tesla’s father walks her down the street so they can find a ride home. Tesla is still drugged and not thinking clearly, so she has an unclear perception of her father being shot and both of them tumbling to the cobblestones before passing out.

Awakening in the Municipal Hospital, Tesla learns that her father is slowly dying. Edgar visits and offers to pay for the expensive operation in exchange for retrieving the supper tin, which is in Tesla’s locker in the South Foundry.

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