Writing in Progress

(Do not disturb. Actually, please interrupt me. I know I am gazing off into the distance with a vacant stare on my face, but I’m not doing anything important like determining the fate of an entire imaginary world.)

Welcome to my crazy new idea I am trying. It is called accountability. I will be posting about my current writing project daily… and admitting to every time I wander off with a shiny new idea. I really like new ideas. I get psyched up, then wonder why I didn’t get any work done on my actual writing project all weekend.

I am weak. I lack focus. I admit this.

Hence this post.

Project: Standalone LitRPG reader magnet (a story that will get readers to subscribe to my mailing list and to get excited to read my other books)

Length of Manuscript: 50,000 words. 20-25 chapters at 2-2.5k words each.

Duration of Project: Complete by July 5th. 1 chapter per day minimum. Bonus points if I can complete it by the end of June.

Reading about someone else writing isn’t very interesting. That’s okay if you don’t come along on this journey with me. I do promise to make it as interesting as possible. Likely will include cooking adventures, parenting fails, and more time playing video games than is optimal for my productivity. But all of this refills the creative well and keeps my brain from mutinying.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll go rogue and start posing chapters on Royal Road. Or maybe I’ll start a Patreon and give it all away for free ahead of time. Or maybe I won’t be done at 50k words! (I kinda worry about the last one.)

Anyway, I will be posting daily for the next few weeks. Follow along, shout words of encouragement if you want, or share your reading/writing travails and we can commiserate together.

Happy writing!