Writer. Adventurer. Currently working on The Dreamless City, a series of steampunk novels and short stories.

Writing as Craft

What makes a story a good story and why? I cannot say I have all the answers, but I do think about it, and read about it, and write about it a lot. I want to share what works for me, and I’d love to hear about what works for you. As always, please feel free to share.


I’ll continue to update the list as I write more posts.

General Writing Advice

Recommended Writing Resources
Creative Confidence
The Big Five Plot Points
The Big Five Plot Points… for Short Stories
Neil Gaiman Says “Tell Your Story”
The Guy Who Invented the Ship (also invented the shipwreck)
Where Do Ideas Come From Mommy?
Late Night Writing Tips

Publishing Advise from The Book Doctors

Knowing Your Audience
The Pitch
Your Social Media Platform
Publishing – Big Six, Independent, or Self-Publishing
Editing – Rewrites, Edits, and Beta Readers

One comment on “Writing as Craft

  1. scarlettpoppies
    March 9, 2013

    Your Blog is so engaging.
    Glad I dropped in.

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Posting Schedule for 2014-15

Monday through Friday I will be posting about writing as business and craft, the science of creativity, all things steampunk, and progress on The Dreamless City.

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Tracy Cembor attempts to juggle a preschooler and a baby, a full-time job, random geekery, and the writing life. Currently working on The Dreamless City, a steampunk urban fantasy novel. Come join the adventure.
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